Real crowdfunding campaigns by university students


Crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to finance projects, exchange ideas and achieve a proof of concept.

We are bringing this tool to the classroom and
integrating real crowdfunding campaigns into course curriculum at university in Asia.
Entrepreneurship Course (MGMT 4220), Prof. Sam Garg

Launched on

20 March 2017!
Meet the Campaigns
A platform which provides users with real-time experience of practicing a new language with other users on the go
A platform for users to meet new friends while sharing a meal
A carpooling service that connects individuals nearby
Empower your confidence of being fashionable with CTC best handbag and jewellery rental experience
Be a better man
A student to student tutoring platform that connects those seeking improvements in their course to those who have previously excelled in the course.
Remedy for your daily dilemma of "What should I eat today?"
Exchange more for less
For every one who struggles to search for instant drinkable water, our bottle is a compressible filtered water bottle that is easy to carry, light, convenient and affordable
A necklace that crystallizes the
road behind
Click. Order. Save your time for better things
A pen-shaped nail polish with changeable filler
The smart mirror that will revolutionise the way you get ready and help you become your own makeup artist
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SparkRaise is hosting the crowdfunding campaigns on its platform and offering student support 
Cyberport is offering up to 8 work stations to select crowdfunding campaign teams for up to 6 months
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